During your stay at campsite De Kleine Wielen, you will benefit from all the convenience and comfort that we can offer you with a number of facilities. These include:

Playpond with sandy beach

The playpond is a shallow lake surrounded by a sandy beach. Here you can enjoy the sun and cool off in the water. The playpond is a natural alternative to a swimming pool that you can always use during your stay. Children can swim here, run around, build sandcastles, play with the water or catch small fish with a scoop net! There also is playground equipment available at the playpond for even more fun!

Animation team for a smile on your face

From … until … we have an animation team ready to entertain you and your children. The animation team organizes fun and challenging activities around the playpond and sports field, that way you and your children will never have to get bored! These activities include crafting, playing football, treasure hunts, dancing in the mini disco or playing children’s bingo. Of course, this is done under the guidance of a team of enthusiastic and experienced supervisors. Our animation team has only one goal: to put a big smile on the face of you and your child.

Catering facilities such as a restaurant, terrace and snack bar

Don’t want to prepare your own food every evening? No worries! At campsite De Kleine Wielen we are happy to provide lunch, snacks or dinner. In the restaurant, you can order a variety of dishes ranging from a sandwich to a composed menu. De Kleine Wielen has both an indoor seating area and an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy your cup of coffee, ice cream or a meal in the sun. There is also a snack bar where you can pick up or order a meal. Here you can order fries, a delicious snack or ice cream.

Playground with slide for children

Spread out over the campsite are several playgrounds. At the entrance of the campsite is a large playground where children can enjoy themselves. There is also a table tennis table where you can play with several people. There are playgrounds near the playpond where children can play in the summer months. We have several fields with playgrounds for the children. You also have the possibility to reserve a camping pitch near one of the playgrounds so your child can play and you can easily keep an eye on your child.

Bouncy castle

Most children love bouncy castle’s and can entertain themselves for hours! There is a large bouncy castle at the playground near the playpond where children can jump and play.

Sports field

Young and old can be active on the sports field, playing football and having fun on the lawn. Our animation team regularly organizes various tournaments and competitions for the whole family. Join us, play along and laugh! You will remember it with great pleasure.

Canoe rental

It is possible to rent a canoe. With this you can enjoy sailing on the Lytse Wheels. Anyone who wants to enjoy a fun canoe trip is welcome at Family Camping De Kleine Wielen.

Deposit for one canoe: € 20,00

*    Per day: 9 am – 5 pm

*    Canoes can be rented from 1 June until 31 August

*    Canoes can only be rented for our camping guests

Prices Price per hour Price per consecutive hour Price per day*
1- persons canoe € 5,00 € 3,00 € 17,00
2- persons canoe € 7,50 € 5,00 € 28,00
3- / 4- persons canoe € 10,00 € 7,50 € 40,00

Camping train

Every morning, afternoon and evening the train runs across the campsite. He picks up the children who are waiting on the platform. Everyone get in and go to the kids club. Here children and teenagers can join a super fun kids club with professional guidance.


Water slide

In 2020 we placed a cool water slide at our play pond. Slides are often the favorite activity of our smallest holidaymakers and provide the opportunity for even more water fun in and around our play pond. Slips on the stomach or back, this water activity is accessible to all ages (except for the little ones) and guarantees beautiful and cheerful moments. Treat your children to a super cool water adventure and see for yourself how your children climb up and slide down happily again.

Supermarket with fresh bread

On the campsite, there is a supermarket where you can get small groceries. Every day we have fresh bread ready for our guests! What is more fun in the morning than picking up freshly baked bread together with your children?

You can order fresh bread every day in our season from April 1 to September 30.

Our camping shop is open from April 26 to August 31.

Clean sanitary buildings

At Family Camping De Kleine Wielen the sanitary buildings are well cleaned and well maintained. Spread over the campsite there are four sanitary buildings, so you never have to walk far. Showering is free, but you will need a key for this. You can get the key at the reception. For this key, we require a deposit of € 20,00.


There is a reception at the campsite where you can ask all your questions during your stay, as well as making reservations and checking in and out.



A campsite without WiFi has become almost unimaginable. Everyone wants to have access to the internet via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The campsite has a WiFi connection, you can use the wireless internet as a guest.


For your dirty laundry you can go to the laundry here you can find washing machines and dryers. Your landry will be clean and dry very quickly. The costs for one wash is € 5,00 including soap. And for a dry turn you only pay € 1,00.


There are more than enough parking spaces for your car.