It doesn’t come as a surprise that Leeuwarden has been named the European Capital of Culture in 2018. When visiting Leeuwarden, make sure to visit ‘De Harmonie’ or ‘De Oldehove’, the leaning tower in the center of Leeuwarden, with a fascinating history. You will also find numerous shops, galleries, and restaurants in the city’s main shopping street. At approximately 10 minutes by car or by bus (bus stop 300 meters from the campsite) you are already in the city of Leeuwarden.

    Nature and Culture park Vijversburg

     This park with ponds, forests, a watchtower, heron colony and various art
     objects is perfect for people who love nature, culture, and gardens. The park is
     also called the ‘Forest of Ypey’ and is only a short distance away from campsite
     De Kleine Wielen. What could be better than to enjoy a modern tree house,
     made of metal and plastic or to smoothly sail in the narrow and shallow waters
     of the Labyrinth? Enjoy activities in the open air, it is also an ideal place for
     children to play!

    Natuurmuseum Fryslan

     In Natuur Museum Fryslan you can discover the beauty of nature yourself.
     A museum for children, parents and grandparents, nature lovers and anyone
     who wants to explore nature and have fun at the same time! In this museum,
     you will find lots of information about nature, go on missions, do experiments,
     games, discover unique animals, plants and much more! Ever walked through
     an underwater world? Insects are put in the spotlight and there is a real
     treasure room where there is always something new to be found.

    Scherjon’s Klompenmuseum

     At Scherjon’s Klompenmuseum, wooden shoes are made every day. And
     although that was still normal a while ago, today it is unique art! Do you want
     to know how exactly this works or would you like to know more about the
     history of the wooden shoe? Visit the Klompenmuseum for a day and see for
     yourself how wooden shoes are made. There are many fun activities for
     children such as painting a wooden shoe or a game of wooden shoe golf.

    Wine and Cultuurhoeve Thabor

     Are you interested in wine? Or do you just want to know more about it?
     At Wine en Cultuurhoeve Thabor in Ysbrechtum, near Sneek, you can go for
     a nice wine tasting combined with a visit to the vineyard. The wine is made
     from grapes grown on Frisian soil. You can choose from three different tastings
     and learn more about how wine is made and see how many different types
     there are.

    Frisian Maritime Museum

     Hundreds of ship models, ship interiors, paintings, instruments, and tools tell
     you the history of Frisian shipping. Ranging from 17th-century shipping to
     contemporary sailing sports, there is a lot to be learned about the shipping
     history of Friesland! You will also learn more about the Frisian skippers and
     merchants. How did these people live and what kind of work did they do? A visit
     to the Frisian Maritime Museum is also recommended for children. There are
     exciting quests and children’s activities that make your day complete.

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